fexit for Windows

fexit is a F*EX client for sending files of any size to any e-mail address.
fexit can also send directories or download files and resume the upload or download after link failures.
Your webbrowser cannot do this.

You can start fexit via Windows explorer (double-click fexit icon) or via command console (cmd.exe).
You can also drag files or directories to the fexit icon with the Windows explorer.

With fexit you also have access to the F*EX internet clipboard and to the fexpush archives to exchange files between your Windows or Unix accounts.

command line usage

fexit can be used for batch processing

upload usage: fexit [-c "comment"] [-a archive] file(s) recipient[,...]
example: fexit flupp.avi framstag@rus.uni-stuttgart.de
example: fexit -c "lab research" -a data *.png x1@flupp.org,x2@flupp.org

download usage: fexit FEX-download-URL
example: fexit http://fex.rus.uni-stuttgart.de/fop/jHn34yp7/flupp.avi

archive usage: fexit -A

additional options:
  -v                               # HTTP verbose output
  -u fexserver/user@domain:auth-ID # use this server & user
  -o                               # overwrite file
  -d                               # delete file
  -x [files]                       # F*EX clipboard read/write
  -s [files]                       # SEX read/write yourself
  -m kBs                           # max kBs throuput
  -k days                          # keep file days on server
  -T up-MBs[:down-MBs]             # test internet speed
  -X "parameter"                   # additional URI parameter
  -X?                              # show recipients parameter

special recipients:
  .                # yourself, without notification email
  _                # archive, without notification email
  [any character]  # saved address