fexsend for Apple Macintosh OS X

fexsend is a F*EX client for sending files of any size to any e-mail address.
fexsend can also send directories and resume the upload after a link failure, which your webbrowser cannot do.

To install fexsend:

  1. start a "Terminal":
    go to Finder, press ⇧⌘U to open the Utility Application folder and double-click Terminal.app with left mouse button

  2. copy this code into the Terminal window:
    curl http://fex.belwue.de/download/fexsend.command|bash
    Do not forget to enter [RETURN]

    You can use your mouse for copying:

    1. move your mouse cursor with hold left mouse button over the code obove (the code will be marked)
    2. press ⌘C
    3. move your mouse cursor into the Terminal window
    4. click left mouse button
    5. press ⌘V

To run fexsend:

  1. in Finder click Desktop with left mouse button
  2. double-click fexsend.command with left mouse button