F*EX archive sharing

You (owner) can share versioned archives with other users (if your F*EX administrator has allowed it).

A share archive is a container file (POSIX tar) with a unique name and a version date.

You can give specific users read or write access to your share archives.
These share users do not have to be regular (registered) F*EX users.

You can create share archives and give other users readonly or read+write access.

Download of share archives is possible via webbrowser or F*EX client.
Upload of share archives is possible only via F*EX client, because a webbrowser cannot create archives.

When you upload a share archive a new version is created.
Only the owner can delete share archives.
Share archives have a longer expiration time than normal files.

The share user gets a share URL from you the owner (via "notify user" in the webinterface).
He can enter this share URL either in his webbrowser or F*EX client.
A share URL comprises the triple [F*EX server, share owner, share user], which we call for short a "share".
A share owner is also called a F*EX full user.
Every share owner has a special share named "." in which all his archives for all his share users are stored.

Usage example

First, you have to download and install the F*EX clients for Unix:
tux@flupp:~: wget http://fex.belwue.de/download/fex.pl
tux@flupp:~: perl fex.pl
(F*EX sharing client for Windows will be soon available).

Then add a share archive named "test". This creates an empty share archive.

Click on [add] in the test archive table and enter the email address of your share user.

You will see this new user in the test archive table with readonly attribute.
You can click on [add write] to allow write access for this user.

When you click on [share user] you will see a table with all your share users.
Click on [notify] to send a share user an email with his share URL, which he needs for accessing his share.

To upload files into this share archive use:

fexpush -S .
fexpush -a test.tar some_files...
fexpull -l
This creates a new version of the share archive "test".

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