F*EX file archive sharing

You can share versioned file archives with other users (*)

Archives and users are bundled in a so called share:

   access rights
user:r (read)• read archive versions
user:w (write)• write new archive version
user:a (add)• add new archive set
user:m (manage)• add or remove user
• remove archive (set)
• (un)set user access rights read,write,add
owner• create, clone or delete share
• add or remove user
• read, write, add, rename or remove archive (set)
• set maximum number of archive versions per user
• (un)set all user access rights

(see web HOWTO)

Feature overview

Shares and owner

A share is a common storage for archive files, users and their access rights.

You (owner) as a registered F*EX user create a share and add users to it (via [show users]).
These share users do not have to be regular (registered) F*EX users, you can use any email address.
You can give your share users read, write, add or manage access rights.
You or your users can upload versioned archives into the share.

You can create any number of shares.
In the diagram above you see only "One", to reduce complexity.
The shares are separated from each other.
You can attach a description to a share.


A share archive is a tar, ZIP or 7-Zip container file with a unique name and an auto-generated version number (date format YYYYMMDD_hhmmss).
Example archive name: project-videos_20170818_134521.zip
A share archive may contain any number of any kind of files (programs, documentation, audio or video files, etc) of any size in any directory structure.

All archives with the same name build an archive set.
You can attach a description to an archive set.

You can only upload or download single archive versions (= share archive which contains your files), not the whole archive set with all versions in one go.
For example: [Share One, Archive Set A, Version 3] is a share archive.
Typically you operate with the latest version (= highest number).

You can download and upload files with your webbrowser or with the F*EX client fexpull/fexpush which can (un)pack archives on-the-fly.
When you upload file(s) a new archive version is created.

Only the owner and master users can delete archives.


Users are created by the owner.
A user is identified by his email address.
A share user does not have to be a regular (registered) F*EX user.

Master users

A user with manage access right is a so called master user.
He must be a regular (registered) F*EX user, you cannot add a foreign user as a master user.
A master user can give other users read, write or add access rights for this share.
A master user cannot create or remove other master users. This task is reserved for you, the owner.

Share URL

A share URL comprises F*EX server address, share name, owner and user email addresses.
The user gets a share URL from the owner (email can be sent via webinterface).
He can enter this URL either in his webbrowser or F*EX client.
A list of all available share archives will be presented and the user can see what is inside such an archive, before download.
Different owners can use the same share name, but the shares and share URLs are different.

Share _

Every owner also has his own private share "_" where he can store archive files only for his own usage.
It is a "non-sharable share": a storage place with the same access mechanism like any other share, but one cannot add other users to it.
Archive files in share _ have assigned short URLs which you can use for download anywhere with any program or give it to others.
You can access the share _ with fexpush & fexpull.

Clone, copy, rename, remove

You can clone shares: this function copies all share objects into a new share.
You can copy archives: this function copies all versions of an archive into an other share.
You can rename archive sets.
You can remove shares, archives (versions) or users.

Comparison with document exchange

archive sharingdocument exchange
storage unitsharefolder
storage subunitarchive setdirectory (nested)
storage objectarchivefile
file synchronizationnoyes
file attributes preservationyesmodification time only
annotationsyesdirectory only
versioning levelarchivefolder
cooperative administrationyesno
transfer sizeunlimitedunlimited
resuming of interrupted transfersyesyes
users managed by owneryesyes
user uploadyesyes
users may delete objectsyesno
anonymous usageoptionaloptional
web interfaceyesyes
notification of new uploadsoptionaloptional

shareany combination of ASCII character, number, "-", "_"project_worlddomination
owneremail addressframstag@rus.uni-stuttgart.de
useremail addresstux@flupp.org
archive setany combination of ASCII character, number, "-", "_", "."plan-A1
archivedate_time (automatically generated)20170620_091901

(*) To use F*EX sharing your F*EX administrator must allow it.
It is a configuration option and not activated per default.