F*EX tools


fexsend client for sending files (with many additional features)
fexget client for receiving files (with many additional features)
sexsend, sexget clients for sending and receiving streams
fexpush, fexpull, fexstore share archives with other users or yourself
fexpack upload file(s) into a fex package and retrieve download commands and URLs
fexsync, fexdox rsync-alike file synchronization via fexserver
autofex fex all new files which will be created or modified (Linux only)
xx, xxx internet clipboard for files or STDIN/STDOUT


fexit client for sending and receiving files


fexsend.command client for sending files

In opposite to many web browsers all these clients can handle files or directories greater than 2 GB and are able to resume interrupted up/downloads.

Extra for UNIX users

To install ALL client programs, use:

  wget http://fex.belwue.de/download/fex.pl && perl fex.pl