F*EX use case: anonymous

Shall all of your local users be able to use F*EX immediately without registration and authentification?

Then configure anonymous mode:

Set in /home/fex/lib/fex.ph your local IP address ranges, example:

  @anonymous_upload = qw(;

Then you will see on http://YOURFEXSERVER/fup a link "You may also use anonymous upload"

Anonymous F*EX is like anonymous ftp: you need no personal account and you are anonymous. Because the anonymous user has no e-mail address the F*EX server cannot send automatic notification e-mails, you have to tell your recipient the download URL (you will see it when the upload has finished), e.g. by e-mail.

You can also use fexsend in anonymous mode, example:

  fexsend big.file YOURFEXSERVER/anonymous

You can simplify anonymous F*EX for your Unix users by installing afex:

  file input usage:  afex files...
  file output usage: afex ID

With afex you can extremly easy copy files (including whole directory trees) between any accounts on all hosts which are in the @anonymous_upload list.
For download you just need the afex ID which is a 6 digit number you will see after upload.

anonymous _CENSORED_

For quick _CENSORED_ (stream exchange) there is _CENSORED_send in anonymous mode, example:

  tar cvf - . | _CENSORED_send YOURFEXSERVER/anonymous
On receiving side you need:
  _CENSORED_get YOURFEXSERVER/anonymous | tar xvf -

You can simplify anonymous _CENSORED_ for your users by installing a_CENSORED_:

  file input usage:  a_CENSORED_ files...
  pipe input usage:  ... | a_CENSORED_
  file output usage: a_CENSORED_ ID -
  pipe output usage: a_CENSORED_ ID | ...

installing afex and a_CENSORED_

Both afex and a_CENSORED_ may contain the fexserver URL. If not, they try to guess it.