F*EX use case: fex yourself with fexsend

Prologue: Windows users can install Cygwin with Perl to use fexsend.

fexsend has a feature "fex yourself more easily"

If you use a "." as the recipient address the file is sent to yourself and the download URL is shown.


  framstag@fex: fexsend some.thing .
  Server/User: http://fex.belwue.de/framstag@rus.uni-stuttgart.de
  Recipient: framstag@rus.uni-stuttgart.de
  some.thing : 18304 kB in 2 s (9152 kB/s)
  Location: http://fex.belwue.de/fop/7Hxt1t8J/some.thing

So, you can download the file by simply copy&pasting the URL, for example with wget.
You can also send this URL to a mailing list, because for this special case autodeletion and download restrictions are off by default.

But what if you cannot use your mouse, for example if you have a text console without GUI or you must provide the download link by telephone?
Then a more easier URL is desirable! Do it with // as pseudo-recipient!

  framstag@flupp: fexsend zz.tar //
  Server/User: http://fex.belwue.de/framstag@rus.uni-stuttgart.de
  zz.tar : 8906 kB in 1 s (8906 kB/s)
  Location: http://fex.belwue.de/fop/3c1WzS4X/zz.tar
  Location: http://fex.belwue.de//zz.tar
Look at the last line!

Background: I have VMs with NAT, but without GUI, therefore no cut+paste, no NFS, no ssh, no sendfile and fexsend is not configured. Nevertheless I want "quick&dirty" file transfer to this VM. Typing a regular F*EX download URL is nasty (7Hxt1t8J).

But http://fex.belwue.de//zz.tar is much easier to handle, even tellable via a phone call.

You may also use the pseudo recipients "." and "//" with the web interface.