F*EX use case: webgallery

With fexzip you can easily create a web gallery of your images (JPG, PNG, GIF).

  framstag@fex:~/tmp/jokes: fexzip .
  archive name: jokes
  keep days: 10
  comment: funny things
  Making fex archive (jokes.zip):
  4 MB
  adding: computer/BKA-Anmeldung.jpg (stored 0%)
  adding: computer/EthernetKiller.jpg (stored 0%)
  adding: computer/Evo.jpg (stored 0%)
  adding: computer/MCSE.gif (stored 0%)
  adding: computer/VoIP.jpg (stored 0%)
  adding: computer/WWM-Linux.jpg (stored 0%)
  adding: computer/annoyance-settings.gif (stored 0%)
  adding: computer/bibel.gif (stored 0%)
  adding: computer/billgates.jpg (stored 0%)
  adding: computer/bka-v2.pdf (stored 0%)
  adding: computer/bofh_tuer.jpg (stored 0%)
  adding: computer/das_ding_aus_dem_sumpf.jpg (stored 0%)
  adding: computer/desaster.jpg (stored 0%)
  adding: computer/dog.jpg (stored 0%)
  adding: computer/dos.gif (stored 0%)
  adding: computer/gatescrash3.jpg (stored 0%)
  adding: computer/hackhack.jpg (stored 0%)
  adding: computer/hardcopy.jpg (stored 0%)
  adding: computer/ich_bin_root.jpg (stored 0%)
  adding: computer/indernett.jpg (stored 0%)
  adding: computer/kinderlinux.gif (stored 0%)
  adding: computer/languages.gif (stored 0%)
  adding: computer/ms-watch.jpg (stored 0%)
  adding: computer/neandertal.gif (stored 0%)
  adding: computer/new_microsoft_keyboard.jpg (stored 0%)
  adding: computer/news_backup.gif (stored 0%)
  adding: computer/online_banking.jpg (stored 0%)
  adding: computer/opensource_communism.png (stored 0%)
  adding: computer/saintignucius.jpg (stored 0%)
  adding: computer/schutzverletzung.gif (stored 0%)
  adding: computer/supercoder.jpg (stored 0%)
  adding: computer/surfen.jpg (stored 0%)
  adding: computer/universal_converter_box.png (stored 0%)
  adding: computer/windows-reboot-hilfe.jpg (stored 0%)
  jokes.zip: 4 MB in 1 s = 9541 kB/s
  Recipient: fexmaster@belwue.de (autodelete=no,keep=10,locale=english)
  Location: https://fex.belwue.de/fop/2nlRB8Fz/jokes.zip
To access the web gallery use the "Location" URL shown above.

You can also create a web gallery using your webbrowser:

  1. create a zip archive with your local zip program containing yor images
  2. upload this archive file using "." as the recipient's name
  3. use the displayed F*EX download URL

If you need to have a web gallery without auto expiration (the examples above are already expired and no longer accessible), you can use Public Document Exchange, see Example.

To install fexzip and other F*EX clients see the FAQ.