F*EX use case: overcome 2 GB size limit

Since the beginning of the web starting with xmosaic all web browsers (*) have a bug in their HTTP form implementation which prevents them to upload files greater than 2 GB (or 4 GB on 64 bit systems).

My bug report to the mozilla developper team has been defeated with "irrelevant because no web server can handle such huge uploads".

Firefox still has such a bug... BUT in a new kind of implementation! :-)

Firefox upto version 7 will not send any byte when one tries to upload a file > 2 GB.
Whereas Firefox 7 (and later) now sends a full HTTP POST upload with the complete file, but it fails in calculating the correct Content-Length header. Here it still has a 32 bit overflow bug.

A standard webserver will fail when the Content-Length header is wrong. It cannot read more then the announced bytes. But F*EX has its own webserver which ignores this header!

An information about the file size is nevertheless necessary, because the fup CGI needs it for storing the file correctly. I have added some javascript magic to fup: Firefox now sends the correct file size inside the POST.

This means for Firefox users: NO MORE LIMITS!

All other web browsers (besides Google Chrome) I am aware of still have a stupid 32 bit bug.

(*) Of course the F*EX clients fexsend and fexit do not have any limitation and they can resume an interrupted upload.